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Tumhaare zarre key par to sitaar haaye falak,
Tumhaare na’al ki naaqis misl ziyaaye falak.

Agar che chaale sitaron sey par gaye laakhon,
Magar tumhari talab mein thake na paaye falak.

Sar-e-falak na kabhi taa ba aastaan pohoncha,
Keh ibtidaaye bulandi thee intihaaye falak.

Ye mit key un ki rawish par huwa khud unki rawish,
Keh naqsh-e-paaye zameen par na soat-e-paaye falak.

Tumhari yaad mein guzri thee jaagte shab bhar,
Chali naseem hue band deed haaye falak.

Na jaag uthain kahin ahl-e-baqee kuchi neend,
Chala yeh narm na nikli sadaye paaye falak.

Yeh un key jalwe ne keen garmiyan shab-e-asraa,
Keh jab sey charkh mein hain naqrah-o-talaaye falak.

Mere Ghani ne jawaahar sey bhar diya daaman,
Gaya jo kaasa-e-mai le key shab gadaye falak.

Raha jo qaane’ yak naan-e-sookhta din bhar,
Mili huzoor sey kaan-e-gehr jazaye falak.

Tajammal-e-shab-e-asraa abhi simat na chuka,
Keh jab sey waisi hi kotal hay sabz haaye falak.

Khitaab-e-haq bhi hay dar baab-e-khalq-min-ajalik,
Agar idhar sey dam-e-hamd hay sadaaye falak.

Ye ahl-e-bait ki chakki sey chaal seekhi hay,
Rawaan hay be madad dast aasiya-e-falak.

RAZA ye naat-e-Nabi ne bulandiyan bakhsheen,
Laqab zameen-e-falak ka hua samaaye falak.


The dust particles of yours are like stars, oh heavens!
The imperfections in your reflection are like the brightness of the heavens.

Even if one travels thousands of times the distance of stars,
But cannot find rest in the desire of yours, oh heavens.

The peak of the sky never reached the threshold of the abode,
For the beginning was high and the end was the limit of the heavens.

The pattern on the earth was made by the design of your foot,
So that no sound could be heard on the surface of the heavens.

The entire night passed in wakefulness in your memory,
And the gentle breeze blew, oh heavens.

The people of eternity did not wake up from their sleep,
As the melodious call of the heavens did not rise.

The heat of the evening of the horizon is still not diminished,
Since the planets are in a state of turmoil in the heavens.

My Ghani has filled the lap with precious jewels,
Having taken the cup of wine, he went on a journey in the heavens.

If one remains steadfast in the path of truth all day,
One receives a reward from the court of the heavens.

This mill of the people of the house of Bait has taught me the way,
To be resilient without assistance like the Asiatic cheetah of the heavens.

Raza, this eulogy of the Prophet has bestowed heights,
Bestowing the title of the earth of the heavens upon the heavens.

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