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Tu Shamme Risalat Hain A’alam Tera Parwana
Tu Mahe Nubuvvat Hain Ay Jalwa E Janana

Jo Saaqi E Kausar Ke Chehre Se Nikaab Uththe
Har Dil Bane Maikhana Har Aankh Ho Paymana

Dil Apna Chamak Utthe Imaan Ki Tal’at Se
Kar Aankhein Bhi Noorani Ay Jalwa E Jaanana

Kyu Zulfe Muambar Se Kooche Na Mahak Uthe
He Panja Qudrat Jab Zulfo Ka Tere Shaana

Tum Aye Chati Baazi Ronak Huwi Phir Taazi
Kaaba Hua Phir Kaaba Kar Daala Tha Butt Khana

Peete Hain Tere Dar Ka, Khate Hain Tere Dar Ka
Pani Hain Tera Pani, Dana Hain Tera Dana

Sarshar Ise Kar De Ik Jaam E Labalab Se
Taa Hashr Rahe Saaqi Aabad Ye Maikhana

Is Darr Ki Huzoori Hi Isyan Ki Dawa Thahri
Hai Zehre Ma Aasi Ka Taibah Hi Shifa Khaana

Har Phool Me Boo Teri Har Sham-A Me Zao Teri
Bulbul Hai Tera Bulbul Parwaana Hai Parwaana

Duniya Mein Hume Tum Ne Jab Apna Banaaya Hai
Mehshar Me Bhi Keh Dena Yeh Hai Mera Deewana

Gir Pad Ke Yaha Pohcha, Mar Mar Ke Ise Paya
Chute Na Ilahi Ab, Sange Dare Jaana Na

Sange Dare Jaana Hain, Thokar Na Lage Kisko
Ay Kash Wo Sun Lete, Mujhse Mera Afsana

Sange Dare Jaana Par, Karta Hu Jabee Sayi
Sajda Na Samajh Najdi, Sar Deta Hu Nazrana

Woh Kehte Na Kehte Kuch Woh Karte Na Karte Kuch
Ay Kash Wo Sunn Lete Mujh Se Mera Afsana

Sarkaar Ke Jalwon Se, Roushan Hain Dile Noori
Ta Hashr Rahe Roshan, Noori Ke Ye Kaash Aana

You are the lamp of prophethood, the world is your moth
You are the moon of prophethood, oh the splendor of paradise

When the veil is lifted from the face of the one who gives from Kausar
Every heart becomes a tavern, every eye a goblet

May our hearts shine with the radiance of faith
Make our eyes luminous too, oh the splendor of life

Why wouldn’t the alley be fragrant with your musk-scented hair?
When your hair is the crown of divine power

You came and restored the glory of the faith
Kaaba became Kaaba again, after being turned into an idol house

We drink from your doorstep, we eat from your doorstep
The water is your water, the grain is your grain

Overflow it with a brimming cup
So that the tavern may remain prosperous until the day of judgment

The presence at this door is the cure for disobedience
The antidote to the poison of sin lies in Taibah (Medina)

In every flower, your scent, in every candle, your light
The nightingale is yours, the moth is the moth

You made us your own in this world
On the day of judgment, say, “This is my devotee”

I reached here by falling, I found it by dying
May I not be separated from the threshold of the beloved

On the threshold of the beloved, may no one stumble
If only they would listen to my story

On the threshold of the beloved, I bow my head
Do not mistake it for prostration, O Najdi (referring to a person from Najd), I offer my tribute

They don’t say anything, they don’t do anything
If only they would listen to my story

From the manifestations of the leader, luminous hearts are illuminated
May this path of light remain bright until the day of judgment

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