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Sambhal Ja Ae Dil E Muztar Madeenah Ane Wala He Lyrics

Sambhal Ja Ae Dil E Muztar Madeenah Ane Wala He Lyrics



Sambhal Ja Ae Dil E Muztar Madeenah Ane Wala He Lyrics
Sambhal Ja Ae Dil E Muztar Madeenah Ane Wala He Lyrics




Sambhal Ja Ae Dil e Muztar Madina Ane Wala He

Luta Ai Chashme Tar Gohar Madina Ane Wala He

Qadam Ban Jaey Mera Sar Madina Ane Wala He

Bichhoon Reh Mai Nazar Ban Kar Madina Ane Wala He

Jo Dekhein Un Ka Naqshe Pa Khuda Se Woh Nazar Mangoon

Caraghe Dil Chaloon Lekar Madina Ane Wala He

Karam Unka Chala Yoon Dil Se Kehta Rahe Taybah Me

Dile Muztar Tasalli Kar Madina Ane Wala He

Nichhawar He Madeene Ki Yeh Mera Dil Meri Ankhen

Nichhawar Hoon Madina Par Madina Ane Wala Hen

Ilahi Me Talabgare Fana Hoon Khake Taybah Me

Ilahi Kar Nisare Dar Madina Ane Wala He

Madeene Ko Chala Mei Beniyaze Rehbare Manzil

Rahe Taybah He Khud Rehbar Madina Ane Wala He

Mujhe Kheenche Liye Jata He Shouqe Kooncha’e Jana

Khincha Jata Hoon Me Yaksar Madina Ane Wala He

Woh Chamka Gumbade Khazra Woh Shehre Pur Ziya Aya

Dhale Ab Noor Me Pekar Madina Ane Wala He

Jahan Se Bekhabar Ho Kar Chalo Khulde Madina Me

Chalo Ab Hosh Ki Peekar Madina Ane Wala Hen

Madeene Me Khule Babe Hayate Nau Batarze Nau

Badal Dalo Kohan Daftar Madina Ane Wala He

Zara Ai Markabe Umre Rawan Chal Barq Ki Soorat

Dikha Parwaz Ke Jowhar Madina Ane Wala He

Talabgare Madina Tak Madina Khud Hi Ajaey

Tu Duniya Se Kinara Kar Madina Ane Wala He

Madina Agaya Ab Der Kya He Sirf Itni Si

Tu Khali Kar Yeh Dil Ka Ghar Madina Ane Wala He

Falak Shayad Zameen Par Rehgaya Khake Guzar Bankar

Bichhe He Rah Me Akhtar Madina Ane Wala He

Ghubare Rahe Anwar Kis Qadar Purnoor He Akhtar

Tani He Noor Ki Chadar Madina Ane Wala He

Hold on, O restless heart, the one coming to Medina is near,
O teary-eyed one, your precious pearl is coming to Medina.

Let my feet become my head when I come to Medina,
May I remain immersed in Medina as a watchful gaze.

Those who see the image of the Prophet in their hearts, ask for it from Allah,
I am moving towards the beloved city of Medina with a heart full of hope.

May His grace continue to flow in my heart, so I can find solace in Medina,
My heart is ready for the one coming to Medina.

My heart and eyes are devoted to Medina,
I am dedicated to Medina, the city that is about to arrive.

In the land of dust, I am a seeker of annihilation in Allah,
O Allah, let me make a prostration at the door of Medina.

I am heading towards Medina with unwavering support,
Medina itself is my guide.

I am pulled towards the lane of desire to visit Medina,
I am pulled with urgency towards Medina.

The green dome and the city of Medina are shining,
The light has spread everywhere, announcing the arrival of the Prophet.

Let us go to Medina, leaving behind our ignorant ways,
Let us regain our senses and prepare to welcome Medina.

The doors of Medina are wide open, with new life and new opportunities,
Let us transform ourselves and seek refuge in Medina.

O carriage, move towards the city of Medina like a bolt of lightning,
Show us the true essence of flying towards the city of Medina.

O seeker of Medina, Medina will come to you on its own,
Leave this world behind and head towards the city of Medina.

Medina has arrived, what more delay can there be?
Clear your heart to welcome the arrival of Medina.

Perhaps the sky has remained on earth as a dust-laden path,
The stars have scattered on the path of the one arriving in Medina.

How bright are the particles that surround the Prophet,
The veil of light is thin in Medina.

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