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Bakht-E-Khufta Ne Mujhe Rauzay Pe Jaanay Na Diya
Chashm-O-Dil Seenay Kaleyje Se Laganay Na Dia

Aah! Qismat Mujhe Duniya Ke Ghamon Ne Roka
Haaye! Taqdeer Keh Taiba Mujhe Jaanay Na Dia

Itna Kamzor Kiya Zoa’afa E Quwa Ne Mujh Ko
Paanv To Paanv Mujhe Sarr Bhi Uthane Na Diya

Kabhi Beemar E Muhabbat Bhi Hue Hai Achhe
Roz Afzu(n) Hai Marz Kaam Dawa Ne Na Diya

Sharbat-E-Deedar Ne Aur Aag Lagadei Dil Mein
Tapish-E-Dil Ko Barhaya Hai Bujhanay Na Dia

Ab Kahan Jayega Naqsh Tera Mere Dil Se
Teh Mein Rakha Hai Issay Dil Ne Gumanay Na Dia

Mere A’mal Ka Badla Tou Jahannum Hee Tha
Mein Tou Jaata Mujhe Sarkar Ne Jaanay Na Dia

Nafs-E-Badkaar Ne Ne Dil Pe Ye Qiyamat Torri
Amal Naik Kia Bhi Tou Chupanay Na Dia

Aur Chamakti Sei Ghazal Koi Parho Aey Noori
Rung Apna Abhi Jamnay Sho’ra Ne Na Dia

Fate deprived me of going to the garden (of paradise) when I was lost
Neither did it allow my eyes and heart to connect

Alas, the troubles of the world prevented me from destiny
Oh, Taiba, fate did not let me go there

The weakness of my strength has made me so weak
I couldn’t even lift my head up from my feet

Even being sick with love has been good
But the daily dosage of medicine has not helped my condition

The elixir of seeing you set my heart on fire
The heat in my heart has increased but it hasn’t gone out

Where will your image go from my heart now?
The heart has kept it in itself and hasn’t shown it to anyone

The punishment for my deeds was only hell
But the master didn’t allow me to go there

My evil ego destroyed the judgment of my heart
Even when I did good deeds, it didn’t let me hide them

And read a glowing poem, oh Noori
The crowd has not yet given my color a chance to set.

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